A special day.

09.09.2020, a special day – St. Anne’s Day and a beautiful day before the autumn equinox. I spent a few hours at the opening of a new exhibition organized by Mrs. Adina Titrea Moldova, in a welcoming atmosphere, with friendly people. Of course, something new for me. I sat on the terrace with my mother […]

I started school – again a special day

Not because school starts, but because of how it restarts: I get to see my classmates, female classmates, and homeroom teacher again after 6 months! Emotions?! Yes, I had them! There were no hugs, no flower bouquets, it wasn’t the beginning of a normal school year. Instead, I saw faces with happy eyes, whose smiles […]

The sixth grade has ended…

The sixth grade has ended, but results are still coming in. First Prize – National Contest “Spring of the Arts” – Graphics – 22nd edition – March 5-13, 2020 – Bacau.

A story a day – The Fairy of Dawn.

This is the beautiful character who gave the name to the fairy tale written by Ioan Slavici. He wrote the fairy tale at the urging of Mihai Eminescu, who read it at Junimea and published it in the “Convorbiri Literare” magazine in 1872. It was also one of the 18 Romanian fairy tales with fairies […]

A story a day – A beautiful autumn Sunday.

A story a day – A beautiful autumn Sunday that started with wonderful news. Out of 40 localities from Romania, Republic of Moldova, and Norway, 95 participants delighted us with their paintings. Here you can see the winning works at the Painting Contest of the Arts Festival (Festival 4 Arts).

A story a day: The fascination with jewelry.

The fascination with jewelry is not a fleeting modern passion. The history of jewelry is intertwined with the history of the world. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, hairpins, hairbrushes, tasselled cords, belts, and sashes from the collection of the County Museum of History and Archaeology in Prahova have been a source of inspiration for me and my […]

Ploiesti, my city, seen through my eyes.

Ploiesti used to be full of magic in the past and has managed to preserve its personality. Part of the city’s beauty can be seen through the old buildings that have withstood the passage of time. “Architecture should represent its times and place, but endure for eternity.” – Frank Gehry.

I have a story about courage.

Courage is moving towards the unknown despite all fears. Courage does not mean the absence of fear. Boldness comes when you have more and more courage. At first glance, the difference between someone who is less courageous and someone who is courageous is not that big. The only difference is that the less courageous one […]