Ana-Maria Cosma painting and graphics exhibition

On June 1, 2021, I had my first solo exhibition at the Occidentului Gallery in Bucharest, where I participated with over 100 works of painting, drawing, and graphics.

Ever since I stepped into an art exhibition for the first time, I was fascinated. This happened in August 2011, at the “Ion Ionescu-Quintus” Art Museum in Ploiesti. At that time, my first drawings were exhibited as a result of participating in the “Vacation at the Museum” courses… I was the youngest. I remember being fascinated by the paintings, by the atmosphere there (I will never forget the kindness and warm voice of Mrs. Adriana Voinea). There was so much color and joy, but at the same time, tranquility… I was in a different world!

Probably at that moment, I didn’t realize it, but it was the starting point.

Since then, step by step, I continue in this world where I have been dreaming of bringing imagination to life since I was little. The characters, the nature around me, the buildings that impress me, make me dream of various images, events, which I then paint or draw. Thus, all my works are like an unwritten journal, but full of works with bright colors that reflect my cheerful mood. I have tried more and more ways of expression through colors and shapes, and thus, I have experimented with various styles.

In the exhibition, most of the works are from the last year; in fact, since the pandemic started in 2020, I had to stay at home.

It was a period that helped me discover myself. I changed much more than I thought possible, as I grow and learn.

And most importantly, I felt good while doing it!

I thank my parents and grandparents, my family, friends, and teachers for the person I am today. AND ESPECIALLY, I thank the ladies: Camelia Profirescu, my teacher who allowed me to dream and guided me, Adina Moldova, and Andreea Christodorescu who organized this wonderful exhibition!!!!

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