I had the first “Meeting with the public” in Ploiesti

On 17.03. 2024, on the central walkway of the 1st floor of AFI Ploiesti, I had my first “Meeting with the public” in Ploiesti, where I spoke about the works exhibited in my exhibition.

The exhibition “Memories” (11 03 – 31.03.2024) includes a series of works inspired by the places I visited. The paintings capture landscapes especially from last year, when I traveled to the countries where I dreamed of going from a very young age. I had read and seen photos of Rome, I was fascinated by London since I read Harry Potter. Even in the past years, I represented in my works places that meant something to me. The description of a trip is more beautiful in colors, even if it‘s not done in words. Her memory, whenever and wherever I travel, becomes a part of me.

Next to me was my friend, Delia Serban, also a student at the “Carmen Sylva” Art College, who performed Rhapsody no. 2 by Listz and an own composition. We were also joined by Maria Nicolaescu, a 12th grade student at our college, who delighted us with the flute with two virtuosity studies (study no. 4 and no. 8) by Vasile Jianu. Also, the curator Raluca Enver was kind enough to accompany me in this meeting with the public.

How was 17.03.2024? It was a day full of gratitude, emotion, joy, sounds and color!
My travel and memories diary includes the works described below.

  1. ”London“ is a work through which I wanted to capture the greatness of the city, a city in continuous development, which shines when seen from above.

2. ”Gate of Hope” highlights my desire to escape from everyday life and go on a journey around the world.

    3. ”Sailboat at the Shore” reminds me of my first visit to a port, the place where sea voyages begin and end.

      4. “The cave” transports me in time, in all the adventures on the mountain.

        5. ”Sighișoara“ is the work through which I tried to bring a medieval city up to date.

          6. ”Landscape from Bucovina” is a painting that highlights the simplicity of isolated houses in Bucovina.

            7. ”Jazz on the street in Rome“ captures the bohemian atmosphere I encountered in Rome, in the evening.

              8. ”Rome – Trees“ shows the charm of the mysterious and very tall trees in Rome.

                9. ”Roma – A street“ is a painting in which I tried to reproduce the dynamics of a street in Rome through color, in contrast to the “rest” of some motorcycles.

                  10. ”Rome – Spanish Square” is a work in which I immortalized the panorama of the Square, captured at dawn one day.

                    11. ”Villa Borghese – Rome“ is a painting where I captured a part of one of the most famous parks in Rome.

                      12. ”In the evening“ highlights the beauty of a moment of the day through vibrant colors.

                        13. ”Shadows” shows the mystery and dynamism of a city, captured in cold colors.

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