I have a Christmas story

What is Christmas to me? It’s the magic of stories! It’s the moment of joy on a wonderful evening when I’m waiting for Santa Claus.

It was a beautiful project of the “Carmen Sylva” high school in Ploiesti, where we were able to exhibit our works, and through them, I tried to describe the beauty of Christmas.

Craciunul este Bradul de Craciun.
Craciunul este un Peisaj de iarna.
Craciunul inseamna Jucarii.
Craciunul este bucuria Bunicilor care isi asteapta nepotii, in timp ce colindele rasuna.
Craciunul este taramul de poveste al Craiesii Zapezii.

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I have one story per day

I have a story about Caragiale.

Born in February 1852, Ion Luca Caragiale is honored during this period through competitions and various cultural events. I participated in the regional cultural-artistic competition

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