I have a story about a festival “Talpa Iadului” Ploiesti April 19-21, 2024

Hello, Ana! To begin with, we would like to know what are the sources of inspiration for your works?
From a young age, I understood that there is a strong connection between people and the environment and that through art I can express this. Most of the time, I find sources of inspiration in nature, in movies, in the pictures I take of the places I go to, in stories, poems, and people. Anything that seems suggestive to me is taken and adapted into a composition that conveys a message. I love the idea that through it I can make people feel better and that I can honestly interact with them.

What reactions do you think you will attract through your exhibition at Talpa Iadului?
I believe that art is meant to elicit all kinds of reactions and prompt the viewer to interpret their own message. Art is subjective, but it gives you a starting point for understanding it. Its role is to awaken a sensation, a feeling, an emotion and to test your imagination. Regardless of the style in which a work is made, it will always have a story behind it.

How much do you allow yourself to be influenced by the opinion of those around you? Both of those authorized and of those not authorized.
When it comes to creating, I don’t allow myself to be influenced by the opinion of those around me, because each of us has different visions and perceptions. My way of expressing myself through painting or drawing helps me to be as open and honest as possible. For me, the color is the most important, it is the element that gives life to a work. But when it comes to studying and building a foundation, I also take into account the opinion of the teachers, because they are the only ones who can help me reach the best version of me and improve myself.

Do you have moments when what you see with your mind’s eye does not come out at all and you abandon the work? If so, how do you overcome such moments?
In general, I don’t really have moments like this, because I’m an optimistic person and I don’t give up too easily. If I go through those moments, I try to find a way to add an element or more that give a different impression to the work and brings the creation closer to the vision I originally had. Lately, I’ve started experimenting as much as possible and tackling different styles, which made me understand that anything can be achieved if you dedicate yourself and don’t give up. It’s normal for art to test you, because that’s how you gain experience, and over time you find a technique designed to highlight your qualities and ideas.

What areas do you most enjoy tackling in your art?
Most of all, I like to work on landscapes, portraits and compositions with themes that challenge me. I prefer to render the impact that the passage of time has on people and certain places. As time passes, I mature, and this prompts me to “stop time” and replay certain memories that have contributed to the person I am today. I really like to capture expressions, sensations and the atmosphere as close to reality as possible. I think this will further encourage the viewer to interact with the work. It can give the people a sense of déjà vu and make them remember certain moments that they wish they could stop in time.

How has your artistic style evolved over the years?
My style has evolved a lot over the years and I often end up not recognizing the way I used to work. But, I can’t really talk about a style, being in constant discovery of what I can do. Every time I look at older works, many memories come back to me. At the beginning of middle school, I was more focused on graphics, but over time I discovered that painting makes me feel much more free. During the pandemic, I really rediscovered painting, and this made me realize what I want to do further in life.

Do you think that to paint you need an innate talent or can it be something developed over time?
I believe that talent is a gift, but success must be earned through hard work. The more I worked, I realized that I was developing my working technique. Also, the more I explored, I discovered new ideas, which helped me form a vision of my own style. Talent is worth working for, if we still have it. In addition, I encourage all young people to follow their dreams!

Something about the feelings offered by art
Art is the most complex and beautiful way to express the inner voice. It gives me total freedom and allows me to express myself through compositions that reflect my desire to be original. At the same time, through my works, I can reproduce all kinds of feelings and get in touch with them. I want my art to be a refuge for viewers

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