I have a story about a whole year – 2022.

It’s beautiful to write a story, but it’s even more beautiful to gather memories in a story!

And so, 2022 has passed. How was it? For me, the year was…full. Full of emotions, and joys, even with a tear here and there. In fact, if I think about it, it was the most demanding year, and it wasn’t easy at all. It was the year when I realized how important the support of those around me is. It was the year when I started high school when I took my first important exams…if I can call them that. Before the National Evaluation Exam, I had specific aptitude tests for admission to an art high school. There were emotions all around! But the ultimate emotion was when I saw the lists with personal codes and saw mine, in the first place!! What can I say? Tears burst out instantly, and the joy I felt was unique! That’s when I felt strong and that…the whole beautiful world was mine!!! Well…it was until the first month of school that I realized that the beautiful world is not always that beautiful…it was hard for me, but eventually I understood and even got used to it. Around me, there are people I know I can rely on, who can always be by my side.

Let’s get back to my beautiful year! I had exhibitions, won competitions, the prom at the end of 8th grade, and even the Freshman Ball in 9th grade! Below are some pictures of the important events for me.

January 15, 2022 – Exhibition on the occasion of the National Culture Day “Citadels of Culture from Prahova” at the Baicoi Cultural House, Prahova.

22.02.2022 – My awarded artwork from 2021, with which I participated in the International Contest of Visual Arts “Brancusi Seen in 145 Portraits”, organized by the “Constantin Brailoiu” High School of Arts in Tg. Jiu and the “Constantin Brancusi” National Museum, was exhibited at the Romania Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai, which took place this year after two years of pandemic.

14.03 – 27.03.2022 – International exhibition “Balkan Interferences” at the Romanian Peasant Museum in Bucharest.

01 – 09.09.2022 – International exhibition “Magic Balchik” at the History Museum in Balchik, Bulgaria.

10 – 28.10.2022 – Exhibition “Manifest Art” at Occidentului Gallery in Bucharest.

06 – 20.05.2022 – “Atelier” exhibition at the Art Gallery in Ploiesti, showcasing works by students from the “Carmen Sylva” Art College in Ploiesti.

14.10 – 14.11.2022 – “Jazz in Colors” exhibition, showcasing paintings by students from the “Carmen Sylva” Art College in Ploiesti.

27.05.2022 – 8th grade prom.

29.11.2022 – Balul Bobocilor ( Freshman Ball), which had a themed “Descendants” theme, and I chose to interpret the character Mal in my own version. The two camps I attended were wonderful, where I had fun, learned – yes, yes, I learned and discovered new things and places! The friendships I made were amazing, with their unique teenage warmth and diversity.

Camp in Saticu de Jos, Arges County, organized by the Buftea Studios Academy.

Camp in Tarcau, Neamt County – International English language camp.

Looking at the photos, videos, and even the short film “Grandfather’s Secret” made by the Buftea Studios Academy, where I played a snobby city girl, I realize that 2022 was AMAZING!

In conclusion, it’s good to learn to accept ourselves, especially our good qualities, as negativity is more visible. As we begin the new year, let’s try to focus on the beauty that 2021 brought into our lives!

What will 2023 be like? It will be whatever it will be… Who knows? All I know is that people need to make it better! Goodbye, 2022! Welcome, 2023!

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