I have a story about Caragiale.

Born in February 1852, Ion Luca Caragiale is honored during this period through competitions and various cultural events. I participated in the regional cultural-artistic competition “Caragiale’s World – ‘What a world, sir, what a world!'” for middle and high school students, 8th edition (2021), in Ploiesti.

Through my drawing, I tried to create a story with Caragiale’s world, which was awarded first prize.

He still makes his presence felt even in our days, but the best description of this comes from Mihai Ralea (1896-1964 – Romanian philosopher, essayist, psychologist, sociologist, diplomat, professor at the University of Iasi, member of the Romanian Academy, director of the Viata Romaneasca magazine) who said about Caragiale’s world that “it’s wonderful: it’s an absolutely paradisiacal world, without worries and without, as they say, today in mystical language, without some internal problems.

People laugh, celebrate, and rejoice. (…) Caragiale, the most national writer, the one who understood our nature the best, left us with this aspect as well. The Romanian does not lose his composure in the face of crisis. His literature is tonic and full of consolation today.”

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