I have a story about courage.

Courage is moving towards the unknown despite all fears. Courage does not mean the absence of fear. Boldness comes when you have more and more courage. At first glance, the difference between someone who is less courageous and someone who is courageous is not that big. The only difference is that the less courageous one listens to their fears and follows them, while the courageous one avoids them and moves forward.

I turned 14 years old and, I admit, I haven’t been very courageous until now. I gained courage in the spring and especially in the summer of 2020 when I had to stay at home due to the pandemic. That’s when I painted and drew a lot and let my imagination run wild. I realized what I want to do “when I grow up” and since I’ve known what I want to do since I was 5 years old, I’ve been working towards it.

You might say, where is the courage in all of this?

Well, it’s there! Why? Because I’m moving towards… the unknown. I need courage because I want to see my progress. I no longer want to keep my work in drawers or boxes in the attic, as I did with those from previous years.

I don’t know my future, I only know how I want my future to look like! I know I have wonderful people around me, and I’m grateful for them. I’m grateful to my parents for supporting me, to my teachers for guiding me and always guiding me, and to those, I’ve met online and offline!

Yes, it’s about having the courage to exhibit my works, with my feelings, my colors, my ideas, my emotions, my inspirations, and my thoughts. Yes, it’s about courage because I’ve come to understand that everyone has their own place and way of expressing themselves, and it’s not just about winning contests or online votes, but about doing what you love and how you love it.

And I want those who look at my works to feel an emotion and be delighted! Yes, it’s about courage because it’s about me!

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