I have a story about “Jazz in colors”

Between 04.10 – 30.10.2023, Ploiesti will be the host of the “Ploiesti Jazz Festival” event, now in its 18th edition. And this year the festival will take place under the high patronage of Her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown and under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, in partnership with Ploiesti City Hall and the “Paul Constantinescu” Philharmonic.

Throughout this period, the painting exhibition entitled “Jazz in colors” is organized, which can be admired in the premises of the AFI Ploiesti mall. The exhibition includes the opening of my works, which I made under the guidance of my teacher, Iulia Ignat, as well as works made by my older colleagues, from the “Carmen Sylva” Ploiesti Art College, coordinated by the teachers Georgiana Tudor, Rita Badulescu, Madalina Gheorghe and Iulia Ignat.

My works, in number of 16, gathered in “Jazz in colors” give rise to a story about the connection between music and color, between modern and old.

Artistic images in music are created through sounds, and artistic images in painting are created through color, and both express feelings, experiences, emotional states.

The sounds, like the colors, are cold and warm, light and strong. Combined, they give rise to works with nuances or tones characteristic of each individual work, regardless of whether it is a musical composition or a visual composition. This is exactly what I tried to express through my works.

Music and painting, for me in this story, I say how to listen to a painting or how to look at a song.

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