I have a story about my summer vacation

I started school and I am in 8th grade! It’s been a month since I returned to school, and the pandemic is far from over, so what will be, how will it be… I have no idea. Life is definitely a story that sometimes needs to be written! For the past 2 years, there has been something real in this story, but unimaginable a few years ago, even incredible. Anyway, I had an amazing vacation where I managed to do new things for myself.

I wonder to myself: what’s new, Ana-Maria?! You painted, participated in exhibitions and competitions, went for walks, visited places, read, played! What’s new? Well… almost everything, except the idea of painting/drawing, that’s the same! The artworks are new to me, I have been to new places, met new people, read new books!

In June, I participated with my colleagues in an international project of the Art College, called Diagnostik. The theme was: what did the pandemic mean to me, how did I go through it! During this period, I discovered myself like in a puzzle game, piece by piece, evolving, growing. There were days when I only saw my parents and my grandmother. The rest of the people were online, like in a movie. There were days when I looked in the mirror and told myself: “Remember who you are! Both you and the people on the laptop or phone screen are real and we want to meet and talk face-to-face, touch each other, hug each other!”

n July, I received the news that I am among the awardees of the Contest organized by the Cotroceni Museum, in honor of its 30 years of activity. Through my artwork “The Mirage of the Museum” I wanted to capture all these years, through an image of the historical building, enveloped in layered light.

Towards the end of July, I participated in the Small Graphics Contest – Common European Roots, organized by Primary School No. 1 Buftea and OST Cultural Events Association. I won the 1st Prize in the age category of 14-18 years. I imagined myself on a sailboat traveling through Europe in the 1700-1800s, alongside characters living in mysterious castles, and the magnifying glass helped me discover the pirates’ treasures.

During the same period, with the artwork “Profile” I participated in the Visual Arts Section of the International Art Festival in Campina and won the Grand Prize in the 2nd age category.

It was inspired by the poem “Preface” written by George Toparceanu…

Oh, my muse with the tiny nose And fine thighs, Barely sculpted from nothingness, Why did you leave my side?…

Have you ever knocked on my window

And, peeping through the drawn curtain,

Were you upset that I wasn’t

At home?…

As a result, I enrolled in the Masterclass courses held by the artist Maria Postea. Thus, in August, I spent a few wonderful days in the city of Campina in my county (I was impressed by the tranquility and cleanliness here). I met wonderful people, made new friends, reunited with schoolmates (who study piano and gave emotional recitals during the final concerts of the Masterclass), revisited and visited beautiful places (such as the Paltinu Dam, the “Nicolae Grigorescu” Museum, and the Brebu Monastery), painted and drew freely, in nature and from nature. A pleasant surprise was the exhibition of some of my personal works, which was organized on the day of the vernissage for the participants of the Fine Arts Masterclass at the “Geo Bogza” Cultural House in Campina, alongside the works of other participants. From the bottom of my heart, I hope to meet with those whom I have made friends with here again next year!

In the period from August 16 to September 8, 2021, I participated with three works (“14, Tulips” and “Spring Flower”) in the “Portrait of Flowers” Exhibition in Bucharest.

At the beginning of September, from September 1 to September 17, 2021, I participated with two works (“Queen Maria” and “Sunset and Boats”) in the “Magic Balchik” International Painting Exhibition at the Art Gallery of the Balchik History Museum.

During this period, I was honored to be selected for an international project called “Young Talents” initiated by the organizers of “Art in Conversation” from London, aiming to establish a relationship with art through direct conversation with Romanian artists of any age, from any part of the world. I also participated with my work “Aunt” on June 23, 2021, in the virtual launch of the “Art in Conversation” project in Paris.

And on September 10, 2021, I participated in the virtual launch of the “Art in Conversation” project in New York with my work “Street in Rain”

These events aim to demonstrate that Romanian cultural space has a universality of expression that proves to be a connecting factor between peoples and cultures from all over the world.

I could talk about all the days spent on vacation, or the books I read, the movies I watched, the “news” and conversations on Facebook or Instagram…but I prefer to keep these moments to myself and only for myself.

Reflecting on everything I have written, I can say that I had a vacation with a story!

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