I have a story at the end of 2021

I have a story at the end of 2021, which came to life through the “Book of Wonderful Adventures,” the second book of Humanitas Junior Publishing House, written and illustrated by children

It arrived like a wonderful gift around the winter holidays. Now, I can say that in a book titled “When It Rains Ink,” its pages can be filled with color, just like the illustrated story I created. As I wished, the stories I read when I was little and fascinated by them helped me see another dream come true. And since everything is possible and nothing is accidental, I saw on the Facebook page of Humanitas Junior Publishing House the presentation of Theodor-Ștefan Tărnăuceanu, the author of the story I illustrated, and I realized that I met him in 2020 at the awards ceremony of the “Martha Bibescu” Contest organized by the Provalores Association in Bucharest. For this reason, I tell children to express their feelings and emotions through what they do, to follow their dreams, and to always hope that they will come true!

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I have one story per day

The sixth grade has ended…

The sixth grade has ended, but results are still coming in. First Prize – National Contest “Spring of the Arts” – Graphics – 22nd edition

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