I have a story today, for Children’s Day

June 1st is one of the most beautiful days for me, because it is children’s day, but at the same time, on this day, in 2021, I had my first personal exhibition, which gave me wings to follow my dream to continue in this field. Children have their voice and it deserves to be heard! The child’s soul remains in us until an old age, we just have to “awaken” it from time to time. So, I want to say that all dreams can come true and that it is worth fighting and working for them regardless of the stage of life we ​​are in! Happy birthday to all children and to all who celebrate their childish soul! Wonderful things can happen at any time in one’s life!

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I have one story per day

I have a story about Caragiale.

Born in February 1852, Ion Luca Caragiale is honored during this period through competitions and various cultural events. I participated in the regional cultural-artistic competition

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