I was nominated at the Prahovean Youth Gala

I was very happy about the nomination at the Gala Tineretului Prahovean on 04.02.2023. For me, it represents an encouragement and a boost of confidence, essential things at the beginning of my journey. I am honored to be among the nominees in the “Young talents (6-19 years)” category.

Every artist, especially at the beginning of their career, feels the need for confirmation of their creation. A nomination for an award is a wonderful thing because it gives hope for the future. Creating a piece of art should offer freedom, pleasure, satisfaction, excitement, and “intense burning,” the opportunity to truly enjoy it when presenting it, whether it’s in a competition, an exhibition, a portfolio, or a social media page.

When I found out about the nomination, I didn’t think of anything specific, I didn’t think about winning the award, because in a talent category, the number of participants can be quite large and diverse. Talent can be a special inclination in the field of art, but also a special ability or skill in a branch of activity, so it has a broad spectrum in terms of definition or understanding.

This experience also contributes to shaping my artistic personality and tells me that I am on the path I have set for myself at this moment in my life.

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