My mentor

Mrs. Camelia Profirescu,

The teacher who guides me...

…I am grateful to someone who has helped me achieve what I have accomplished so far and who allows me to discover myself and be free in my composition, and that person is Mrs. Camelia Profirescu. Since 2015, she has been guiding me in this diverse and complex field of fine arts.

Through her warm voice, she has always instilled confidence in me.

I'm still at the beginning..

I take small steps into a wonderful world, of which Mrs. Camelia Profirescu has been a part since 1970. At the age of 16, she made her artistic debut and won the first prize at Sala Dalles in Bucharest, in the republican exhibition of visual arts for high school students.

After graduating from the High School of Fine Arts in Ploiesti, she attended "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University in Iasi, at the Faculty of Fine Arts under the guidance of Master Adrian Podoleanu. Currently, she is a professor at the Department of Visual Arts at "Carmen Sylva" College of Art in Ploiesti, and of course, a full member of the Romanian Fine Artists' Union and a member of the Ploiesti branch of U.A.P."

I selected from the album

"Color and Emotion - Camelia Profirescu" - a book written by art critic Valentin Ciuca (ART XXI Publishing, 2015) - includes a paragraph in which art critic Pavel Susara characterizes her as follows:

"Camelia Profirescu and her paintings settle in a realm of stability, a zone of safety where humanity is itself, where it finds its own reflection, and where inner comfort does not need to be proven, as it is somehow axiomatic, perceived naturally and imposes itself as such.

Her art is not one of imagination, nor of agitation, but rather a form of communication. Within this art of communication, one can find the entire history of significant art, the history that has given coherence to the artistic phenomenon, encompassing everything that people have sought in art, because in art we do not necessarily search for things that no one has ever seen before, as practically speaking, things that no one has ever seen before do not exist..."

Below, I present some of the works of teacher Camelia Profirescu: